User Segments

User success begins with user empathy

Slice and dice comprehensive user data to empathize with every important segment. Understand their unique experiences—and then design optimal ones.

UTM mediums, device breakdowns, and browser breakdowns in the FullStory app

Get to know your users on a deeper level

Access all your user data in one place

Access all your user data in one place

Enrich the complete picture of your user data with third-party sources like data layers or server-side user attributes for the most complete data story possible.

Visualize what users are (or aren’t) doing

Visualize what users are (or aren’t) doing

Track the percentage of users completing a key journey, browsing on mobile, converting from free to paid, and more with intuitive Dashboards.

Spot behavior-based trends

Spot behavior-based trends

Create segments based on hundreds of user or event criteria, then identify the factors that correlate with successful (or unsuccessful) users or customers.

Cultivate more loyal users

Cultivate more loyal users

Optimize the user experience for every other segment with insights mined from your most successful cohorts using Session Replay, Journeys, or Funnels and Conversions.

Real users weigh in on FullStory’s user segmentation

“FullStory provides replay of every user session so our designers or PMs can create a filter to specify a particular segment of user, a time period, and action. We can then get dozen[s] of usage metrics and watch sessions that meet our criteria. This allows us to identify problem areas and make design decisions based on actual usage.”

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Make user empathy a regular part of your workflow

User and event filters in the FullStory app

Discover brand new user segments

See who’s highlighting text, pinching to zoom in, or Rage Clicking—and turn this newfound user empathy into unique user insights.

Showing dead click, top pages, and user trends in the FullStory app

Unlock custom cohorts with autocaptured data

The magic of autocapture means you see everything that happens on your website, app, or software, so you have the power to choose those criteria and events uniquely important within your digital experience.

Segment playlists and user trends in the FullStory app

One-click access to your segment data

Out-of-the-box and easily customizable Dashboards make it simple and quick to integrate custom behavioral analysis into your daily routine.

Younique decreases time to checkout by 14%

FullStory has changed the way we work. We’ve gotten so much value out of the tool across teams, from our Business Intelligence (BI) team using Data Export to enrich their data models, to being able to quantify the impact of pain points on our site, to smoother communication between customer support and product.”

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Matthew LeGareSenior Director of Digital Product Management, Younique Products

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