FullStory is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace
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FullStory is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

The FullStory Team
Posted December 01, 2022

Everyone deserves more perfect digital experiences. This is one of FullStory’s core principles—that people everywhere should be able to navigate websites, products, and apps with as little friction as possible. 

To help our customers create these impeccable digital experiences, we’ve now partnered with Google Cloud to bring FullStory to Google Cloud Marketplace, in the pursuit of making Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) more broadly available worldwide.

With FullStory, organizations can access comprehensive and actionable data across the suite of Google Cloud products, enabling proactive customer journey enhancements across platforms and teams to craft a more perfect digital experience.

Here, we’ll take a look at four critical capabilities teams using FullStory can implement today.

1. Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of Google Cloud products

FullStory comes with existing integrations with various Google Cloud products, including Google BigQuery, Google Analytics, and Google Optimize—all of which drive a unique competitive advantage for your business. Here’s how each integration works for you: 

  • Google BigQuery: FullStory automatically captures all interaction data with our clients DOM, which can be automatically exported to Google BigQuery for usage in all Google Cloud platforms.

  • Google Analytics: Leveraging the FullStory + Google Analytics integration, our clients can automatically send FullStory session URL links to Google Analytics to be available for immediate and granular session review. With FullStory’s Data Layer Capture feature, organizations can automatically capture Google Analytics data without any further configuration on either side.

  • Google Optimize: Google Optimize is an industry leading experimentation platform. By leveraging our joint solutions, our clients can analyze the heuristics, the journeys, and deep chi-squared analytics of impacts along paths.

Plus, organizations can simplify business processes and procurement by enabling transactions through Google Cloud Marketplace

2. Get all the data, without compromising user privacy

FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform features superior autocapture capabilities that brings user behavior data and session replay to your fingertips. Backed by industry-leading privacy technology like Private by Default, FullStory ensures you get the insights you need without risking end users’ data. 

Plus, Data Destinations enables you to sync FullStory with a data warehouse like Google BigQuery, adding additional depth to AI modeling and ML analytics.  

3. Remove user friction to grow and retain revenue

FullStory brings robust user interaction data to life through Session Replay, delivering a clear, complete picture of your web and mobile site users’ experiences—ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates. 

This ability to see the “why” behind what users are doing drives actionable insights that help you create value for your customers sooner. 

4. Spend time and effort on what matters most

Getting up and running with Digital Experience is easier than ever—meaning your valuable insights are just around the corner. Here are four reasons why implementing FullStory is a hassle-free process that won’t take away from other efforts: 

  • Streamline transactions: Purchasing FullStory through Google Cloud Marketplace simplifies your business processes and procurement.

  • Code-free implementation: Installing FullStory is as simple as adding a short snippet to your site—requiring minimal valuable dev time. 

  • Reduced time to value: FullStory provides tag-free autocapture—as soon as it’s installed, you’re collecting user data, with no instrumentation or pricey engineering time. 

  • Easy to use: FullStory’s user-friendly platform allows teams to dive in and align around a digital source of truth with little training time. 

For more on how FullStory and Google Cloud work together to provide real business results, check out this success story from Tata Digital, who leveraged DXI to successfully launch over a dozen brands on web and mobile. Watch the video.

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