Digital Experience Intelligence

Combine quantitative and qualitative data for comprehensive understanding to perfect your digital experience.

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Digital intelligence means competitive advantage

Creating amazing digital experiences is the next crucial path in competing for customer delight—and, ultimately, sales. Every user has a story, and old, tag-based analytics tools only give you a tiny slice of that story. As memory and compute costs go down, brands should demand more insights and perfect recall of the critical moments in every user's story—eliminating guesswork so you know exactly how to deliver the most perfect digital experience.

Trusted insights for smart decisions

A DXI platform combines rich analytics, robust session detail, and collaboration tools to help you answer questions, understand issues, and uncover opportunities—and then put that knowledge to work.

“A website represents thousands and thousands of UX decisions, and with FullStory we can ‘watch’ sessions and frequently uncover opportunities. We’ve been able to see places where a user is trying to do something and they keep clicking in the ‘wrong’ spot, or expecting a functionality that doesn’t exist. We can use that information to make an application that’s more intuitive to their expectations.”

_Matt Powell, CTO, FTD

Why Digital Experience Intelligence?

Looking at pure data analytics can be insightful, but requires that you know what you want to measure, what questions you want to answer, and the path you think users will take. And you’ll miss the actions you can’t predict.

Reviewing session details provides invaluable context, but can be hard to see the big picture.

By combining the quantitative and qualitative in real time, FullStory eliminates blind spots.

Powerful results for your business

Increase revenue through better conversion

Increase revenue through better conversion

Identify revenue-impacting issues, understand how many customers are affected, and contextualize this data with real user sessions.

Improve organizational efficiency

Improve organizational efficiency

Empower engineers with the data they need to identify, troubleshoot, and remediate bugs efficiently and effectively.

Boost customer growth and retention

Boost customer growth and retention

Confidently iterate and improve your digital experiences to keep customers coming back.

Perfect your digital experience with FullStory

Our DXI platform delivers a complete, retroactive view of how people interact with your site or app––it's searchable, extensible, and dynamically built to enrich your tech-stack, align teams and accelerate innovation.

Product managers get full visibility into how customers interact with your business online, with actionable insights designed to drive business results.

Cross-functional CX teams from Engineering to Customer Success are empowered through digital experience data, cutting time to resolution and boosting customer satisfaction.

Marketers see first hand which investments are making an impact.


"I began using conversions last week and found a few opportunities to resolve dead clicks in our customer journey. We had an idea they were causing friction but never fully understood the conversion impact in order to properly prioritize them. Based on Fullstory’s conversion analysis, we’ve picked up a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue right out of the box."

_Vishal Arora, Director of Digital Product & UX, Lucky Vitamin

Why FullStory?

Complete digital data, instrumentation-free
Store and analyze every imaginable point of user interaction with your website or app—no tagging required. Uncover and understand hidden opportunities, whether you’re using our powerful search features to build custom reports, or referencing the proactive insights surfaced by the platform.

Fast implementation meets easy to use
Technical and non-technical teams alike can rely on FullStory for necessary information, reducing costly back-and-forth and increasing throughput.

Privacy controls that protect your customers and you
Every FullStory account is equipped with a robust suite of tools to manage privacy, consent, and selective exclusion of on-screen text. You can see the shape of your customer's experience without capturing data you don't need.

"FullStory is magic. It gives us a level of insight that we can't get anywhere else. It's absolutely invaluable."

_Chris Savage, CEO, Wistia